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Time to start those new year resolutions? Even if you train & eat clean as part of your normal routine, December can be a fun, but stressful & potentially an unhealthy month.

We all tend to eat, drink & make merry a little more than usual. Parties, late nights & visiting friends & family plays havoc with your normal routine so your fitness & nutrition regime can take a back seat.


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So, it's time to get back on the clock, correct? Exercise, diet, no drinking, stop smoking, etc, etc! The broken promises of every new year! The average resolution fail is the 17th of January so most people last around two weeks before they ditch there new found lifestyle & slowly drift back into the old routine.

Why do you think this happens? Lack of discipline? Happy with how you look & feel? Probably not.

More likely, life got in the way. Sticking to a new training & eating programme can be hard work with everyday stress & strain. Most people try to change too much so are soon craving a glass of wine or a slice of pizza.


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Let's approach our new year promises a little more realistically.

Don't put yourself under to much pressure. Decide what is the most important change you want to make & start with that. Make small corrections & introduce lifestyle changes when you're ready & feel positive about sticking to them. Talk to your G.P about stopping smoking, health or weight loss issues so it can be monitored & done safely. Knowledge is power so read & research. Finally, make it fun, especially exercising. If you hate the idea of running don't say your going to jog three times a week, it simply won't happen. Pick an exercise or sport you enjoy & will continue to enjoy. You're far more likely to succeed this way. The most important thing is to start now! Get active & get healthy. Your quality of life will improve massively & the more you do, the better & happier you'll feel.

Keep at it & have a healthy & fantastic 2016!

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