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Using our own bodyweight for exercise has been around for decades so why are bodyweight workouts making resurgence now? Well the popularity of Suspension Trainers (TRX) has certainly helped, as this has seen massive growth over the last 5 years.


Fitness Tree Suspension Trainer



They can be found swinging from the gym ceiling, tied up to park trees during boot can sessions and even along football goal cross bars.

No matter your fitness level, the suspension trainer is perfect and versatile for everyone. Athletes, those who are rehabbing, stay at home parents, body builders and the young and old. Suspension trainers offer a cardio workout, a resistance workout, a muscle flexibility workout, and balance. No matter what your goals are, you can benefit from the suspension trainer. In all suspension training exercise you engage your core. By developing a strong core it will only enhance your performance and way of life and reduce risks of injury.


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Your whole body can be worked and you adjust the suspension trainer to fit in with your own personal fitness level by walking yourself closer or further away from the Fitness Tree anchoring point. That means instead of having to grab a different set of dumbbells or add more weight to machines, you simply adjust your foot placement.

The Fitness Tree offers a stable anchoring support for the suspension trainer and in conjunction with the bodyweight exercises that can be performed on the Fitness Tree attachment branch there are workouts to suit all levels.

Fitness Tree aims to keep exercise exciting. It can be easy to get stuck in a workout rut of bench presses and bicep curls. That’s why Fitness Tree can be so invigorating, countless variations can spice up any workout routine. Having one in your garden will only motivate you and help you meet your exercise goals!


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You receive a bodyweight workout booklet and suspension training workout booklet with a Fitness Tree purchase and you can add a suspension trainer to your fitness Tree purchase for just £40.00.

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