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Recently we sold our 100th Fitness Tree when we installed our garden based gym for Tony in Swindon.

We set out with the aim of making exercising more accessible from home with a simple and effective garden fitness system that offered exercise variety and fun, while improving strength and fitness for the whole family.

Having helped over 100 customers achieve their exercise goals we feel we are well on our way!


Fitness Tree Garden Gym Equipment


Your interest in our social media links, videos and exercise updates along with your recommendations to other customers has contributed greatly to our success.

We believe in our unique garden based gym complete with its multibar capabilities, and as so many of our customers have said; They look great in the garden, offer a huge range of training options and take up so little room!

If you have no interest or time for the commercial gyms, and no room for an indoor gym at home – check out the Fitness Tree and see what it can do for you!

The concept of functional fitness through sports like crossfit and the increase in outdoor exercise with sports such as Obstacle Racing and Cycling taking hold in the general consciousness of many consumers makes it exciting time for Fitness Tree.


Home Gym Equipment Suspension Training


Many consumers are looking for simple effective gym rigs that will support their training and sports. And Fitness Tree’s fit the bill. Any DIY enthusiast can install them in the garden very easily.

The attachment branch is very much a multi use bar as it can be set at 7 points up and down the Fitness Tree pole allowing well over 50 different bodyweight exercises. They also take up minimum space while looking great in any garden environment.

We now offer a range of accessories on our web site that can be used in conjunction with the Fitness Tree. Suspension trainers, gym rings, punch bags, dumbbells and battle ropes are just some of the accessories that will help make your training program interesting, exciting and progressive.

We also send out our Fitness Tree exercise booklets with each of our Fitness Trees that gives you pictures and instructions on how to do many of the exercises that can be performed on the Fitness Tree.

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