Richard Whitehead's Fitness Training
It takes up very little room and is easy to operate. As the attachment can be moved up and down the pole, a full range of exercises can be performed. This allows me to carry out full body weight workouts. Ultimately using the FITNESS TREE at home keeps me in great shape.

Richard Whitehead // London 2012 Paralympic gold medalist 200m T42.
Fitness Trees at Exeter University
Having the Fitness Trees on the Exeter University Streatham campus has had a real impact on student health and physical activity. They offer free fitness facilities that anyone can use, anytime, and has inspired students to set up their own fitness classes and training programmes around the Fitness Trees. These have been a great addition to the University and blended in sympathetically to our stunning campus. If other schools, college or HEI's are considering installing some I would thoroughly encourage them to do so as soon as possible.

Paul Mouland // Sport and Wellness Development Officer, University of Exeter
The Obstacle Gym OCR training facility
At The Obstacle Gym we pride ourselves on being the best OCR training facility in the Midlands, if not the whole country. Our Fitness Tree has become an integral part of that, offering a huge range of interesting and dynamic exercises. Many of our regular members as well as newcomers rave about the training opportunities offered by The Fitness Tree. We really cannot recommend it enough for anyone who enjoys training outdoors.

Chris Nicoll // Co-owner of The Obstacle Gym, Loughborough & Obstacle Course Director at Reaper Events Ltd.
Fitness Tree, Home Fitness Rig
We moved into our new home just under a year ago & I only asked for two things. Firstly, a man cave & secondly somewhere to train. I didn't get the man cave. However, I did get my Fitness Tree! My background is military & combat sports so I've always favoured functional & body weight exercises. The fitness Tree is fantastically versatile for total body conditioning. Add a TRX & some resistance bands & you can do countless different exercises & workouts. I also incorporate a battle rope, kettle bell & heavy punch bag into my fighter circuits. The Fitness Tree is extremely well made, looks great in the garden & offers any athlete, boxer, MMA fighter or fitness enthusiast the perfect solution to outdoor training.

Mark Jarvis // Strength & Conditioning Coach, Lincolnshire.
Fitness Tree Home Multi Gym
The Fitness Tree is an unbelievable tool in your fitness armory. This blows out of the water anything you could buy for your home. It’s a one stop gym right there in your garden. It’s been perfect for me as having a new addition to the family it’s been hard to keep focused on training and keeping myself in shape but with the Fitness Tree it means when I get a spare 30 minutes I can head in to the garden and smash out a workout of my choice hang the punch bag or TRX and just go for it. It’s a great piece of kit and stands in the garden without looking out of place. I have a few mates who come round solely to have a work out with me on the tree. Awesome product, awesome quality!

Chris Pritchard // Scottish 2010/14 Commonwealth Games Track Cyclist, Derbyshire.
Garden Exercise Equipment
The flexibility of the Fitness Tree is impressive with the attachment branch that moves into different positions, TRX training, resistance bands and the punch bag option allowing you can train all body parts in different ways. Its represents value for money and is much less than the years gym membership I was paying. Looks lovely in the garden and the whole family use it to keep fit outside and in the privacy of our own space.

Helen Crossley // Triathlete Retford.
Outdoor Fitness Gym
The Fitness Tree is a simple, versatile product that offers value for money. I work long hours and have little spare time for exercise. I don’t have the time to be going to the gym but with the Fitness Tree in the garden it allows me to get home and have a short sharp workout so that I can be done within 30 minutes. Its great fun and there are plenty of exercises to perform on the Fitness Tree!

Steve Baker // MP High Wycombe.
Family Home Exercise Equipment
The Fitness Tree was great family fun to fit with the installation instructions easy to follow. The whole family use the Fitness Tree, exercising outdoors in all weather conditions. It looks great in our garden and offers so many exercises through its easy set up multiple position attachment branch. We would certainly recommend the product.

Evan Davies // Family fitness enthusiast Hampshire.
Fitness Tree Outdoor Chin Up Bar
I was looking for an outdoor chin up bar to use with my TRX cable. I thought it might be easier to fit in some strength work around the swimming, biking and running if I could do it right outside my back door. I found Fitness Tree through an internet search and knew it was ideal. It offers more functionality than other power tower solutions as you can alter the height of the bars and hang a punch bag. The natural look of the post also blends in with the garden. Martin was responsive to my enquiries, flexible on times for delivery, punctual and friendly when he came to install the Fitness Tree himself. I couldn't fault the service or the Fitness Tree. It is the perfect piece of gym kit to have in the garden.

Andy Bloxam // Andy Bloxam, Triathlete, Surrey.
Paralympic Gold Medalist's Home Multi Gym
Since becoming a dad time has become precious and i cant always get to the gym. Having the Fitness Tree installed in my garden has solved this problem. It takes up very little room and is easy to operate. As the attachment can be moved up and down the pole a full range of exercises can be performed. This allows me to carry out full body weight workouts. Ultimately using the Fitness Tree at home keeps me in great shape leaving me with more time to spend with my family.

Richard Whitehead // London 2012 Paralympic Gold Medalist 200m T42. World record holder in both the marathon & half marathon.
Garden Suspension Training Sessions
Having 2 teenage boys and working full time gives me little spare time for exercise. The Fitness Tree has been great allowing me to squeeze in 20 minute bodyweight and suspension training sessions after work before sorting my boys out. The guys at Fitness Tree have also designed a bodyweight training program for my boys that they are really benefiting from. They are both keen tennis players and the Fitness Tree has certainly helped develop their strength and stability.

Heather Straker // PE Teacher from London.
Full Body Exercise Equipment at Home
My 16 year old son is a talented Basketballer and I wanted some home fitness equipment that would build full body strength safely and effectively. I did not want him going down to a gym lifting heavy weights without supervision. The Fitness Tree has enabled him to build core strength and functional fitness that has no doubt enhanced his basketball game. A great bit of adaptable fitness and strength kit for kids and adults.

Curtis Xavia // Basketball Coach from Nottingham.
Fitness Tree Home Fitness Training
My husband has been using the Fitness Tree along with the suspension trainer and Rings for core body strength. My young son is also getting into shape. The fitness tree is used every single day. Money well spent!

Nessa Collinson // Home exercise enthusiast from London.
Circuit Training Fitness Rig
It’s been great for my training. I have no room in the house to put any weights and gym gear and you can do so much on the Fitness Tree. I've even had a few mates round and we have been doing some circuit work on it. I would definitely recommend this to anyone trying to get in shape.

Mat Fisher // Royal Marine from Mansfield.
Cross Fit Home Exercise Rig
I have just bought my new house and am spending all my spare time doing it up, so I don’t have time to train at the gym. With this in my garden I can pop outside for short 10 minutes bursts and do a few pull up, dips and press ups. If I have a bit longer i can combine some sprint work and some cross fit elements to make my own circuit sessions. The fitness Tree gives me quality training from home. A great idea!

Peter Stevens // Cross Fit enthusiast from Leicestershire.
Outdoor Fitness Equipment
I bought my 2 teenage sons the 'Fitness Tree' a few months ago. Since then it has been put to pretty much daily use - plus their friends have been using it on a regular basis too. At weekends, especially, there is a queue to use it, to the extent that I'm thinking of getting another one! When I ordered it, Martin and partner promptly came and set it up with minimal fuss. Their service was extremely friendly and professional. I would strongly recommend getting the rubber mats to protect the ground below it.

Peter McCullagh // Outdoor Fitness enthusiast - Wolverhampton.
Fitness Tree Full Body Training
When I saw the advertisement for the Fitness Tree in RAF Active I immediately saw the benefits this simple, but ingenious, piece of kit could bring. Body weight and functional rotational exercises are key to the continued 'fit to fight' concept. The Fitness Trees installed at our unit give the chance for personnel to really push the limits of their fitness and they are exceptionally popular as a post run work out. They really are a stand out product in a market saturated with different options. If you only buy one piece of physical training equipment this year I advise you invest in a Fitness Tree. It's a full body work out.

Chris Williams // Officer Commanding Physical Education, Royal Air Force Station Coningsby.